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My Activity in 2022-11

· 3 min read
Shunsuke Suzuki

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OSS Contribution

merged daterepositorylangPR's short description
2022-11-12slsa-framework/slsa-verifiergofix: fix error logs

OSS Development


The notable change is the support of Policy as Code. I'm working on the release of aqua v2 and signing of aqua and aqua-installer.

Please see Release Notes for the detail.

  • WIP
    • v2.0.0-0
      • Only standard registry is allowed by default
      • etc
  • v1.25.0
    • Replace $HOME to the home directory in local registry path
  • v1.24.0
    • Support defining the policy of package installation and execution for security
  • v1.23.1
    • generate: Fix a panic when unknown packages are specified
  • v1.23.0
    • Support filtering packages with tags
  • v1.22.0
    • Add update-aqua command
    • generate: Support specifying version


  • version: v3.85.0 => v3.100.0
  • the number of packages: 923 => 961 (+38)

Thank you, all contributors!

What I learned

I'm investigating the signing of aqua and aqua-installer.