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My Activity in 2022-10

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Shunsuke Suzuki

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OSS Contribution

merged daterepositorylangPR's short description
2022-10-21slsa-framework/slsa-github-generatorgofix: use GITHUB_OUTPUT instead of deprecated set-output command
2022-10-17slsa-framework/slsa-github-generatorgofix: use GITHUB_OUTPUT instead of deprecated set-output command
2022-10-04shipyard-run/shipyardgo (shell script)ci: fix checksums.txt

OSS Development


⭐ Over 200 stars ⭐

The notable change is the support of checksum verification.

Please see the GitHub Project to check prioritized issues.

  • WIP
    • v1.22.0-1
      • 🚀 Support filtering packages with tags
    • #1306 Support restricting registries and packages globally for security
  • v1.21.0
    • Support changing type in overrides
  • v1.20.2
    • cp: Skip creating links
  • v1.20.1
    • update-checksum: Fix the checksum of http package calculated by -deep option
  • v1.20.0
    • 🎉 Support the checksum verification
    • 🎉 cp: Support coping all packages
  • v1.19.5
    • nil check to avoid panic
    • Improve error log: Output download url when it failed to download a file


🎉 Supported over 900 packages 🎉

🎉 30 Contributors 🎉

I've updated aqua-registry from v3.64.0 to v3.85.0. The number of packages has increased from 870 to 923 (+53). Thank you, all contributors!


  • v0.5.19
    • Use GITHUB_OUTPUT instead of deprecated set-output command (ref)
    • Replace to $GITHUB_SERVER_URL for GitHub Enterprise

What I learned

I'm interested in the supply chain security and the improvement of local development and CI/CD pipeline.



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